Mia, André's mother

It was very helpful for us to have Yanick as a doula. She was very open to any questions we had. Since it was my first pregnancy I had a lot of questions about the pregnancy and about babycare, especially in France. It felt very supportive to have someone to ask anything we wanted to. […]

Kendra and Mark, Evan's parents

What a miracle it was that we found you ! Our experience of welcoming Evan into our lives was amazing and exactly what we dreamed it could be. So much of that is thanks to you and the way you supported us and helped us. The blessingway, the birth, the closing ceremony, and all the times […]


As a first time mother, especially without my family close by, a million questions and concerns came into my head. Luckily my partner and I found Sylvie – though unfortunately only during the last few months of the pregnancy. From the first meeting I knew that Sylvie could be a source of peace and reassurance […]