Please note that interpreters are available for most workshops and conferences.

Friday May 3th: Dedicated to doulas and doulas-to-be
Saturday May 4th: Opened to everyone
With the participation of…
Authors  and speakers : Flore Bellefontaine, Judith Bloch-Christophe, Virginie Bouffart, Béatrice Cascales, Paul Cesbron, Aurélie Cros, Véronique Darmangeat, Chantal Gill’ard, Marc Girard, Noriko Hanyu, Dominique Marquette, Joyce Pula, Isabelle Ploquin, Marlène Schiappa, Pascale Soubeirat Lamy…
Associations : AIVI, Césarine, Douce Vie, Les Féminissimes,  l’Enfant et la Vie,
Maman Blues, ONG Enfants&Développement, Timeo et les autres…
Red Tents
Red tents are cosy spaces in which groups of women share the intimate side of their stories. The red tent is taken from ancient traditions in which women had a special place dedicated to them were they shared and celebrated the milestones of their lives: puberty, pregnancy, birth…


Friday May 3th: Dedicated to doulas and doulas-to-be

8.30am: Registration and welcome, access to stalls and exhibitions

9am to 12.30am: Conferences

 – Opening of the doula convention with the “Doulas de France” team
– A doula, what does she do? With Valerie Dupin
– Training equivalences with Yasmine Candau and Céline Grangier
– « Maman travaille » (Mum works)  with Marlène Schiappa

12am to 1.30pm: Lunch time

1.30pm to 3.30pm: Workshops

A-« Rituals for women celebration »with Nathanaëlle Bouhier Charles, Perrine Guillon Moktan and Aurélie Haudiquet
 B- «Rebozo workshop » with Valérie Degas (please note that in order to enjoy fully the workshop, it is advised to come without kids, or with someone to take care of them while practicing rebozo)
 C- «Sharing between doulas : how to integrate wellness touch in our practice » Aline Baugé et Valérie Dupin with the association “Doulas de France”
 D- « Boardgame : “ Parents en chemin”,  On the path of parenthood » with Anne-Françoise Delangue and Hélène Guiheneuf
 E- « Support for premature babies and their families» with Pascale Soubeirat Lamy  from and Bérengère Porombka
 F- « Red tent»

3.30pm to 4pm: Break

4pm to 6pm: Workshops

A-« Belly art : rainbow women » with Claire Ferracci, Perrine Guillon Moktan, Magali Pavy, Solenn Minier and Margot Winterhalter
 B-  « Shantala baby massage» with Aurélie Cros
 C- « Reflection workshop: socio-cultural tree» with Flore Bellefontaine
 D- « Boardgame : Naître Ô Monde “Birthing 2 Being”» with Dominique Marquette
 E- « Doulas of Europe » with Valérie Dupin
 F- « Red tent»

6.30pm to 8.30pm : General assembly of the association “Doulas de France

For members who have paid their subscription fee

Evening show from 8pm to 11pm

« Cocon de Lune » “Moon cocoon” with Delphine Ertzscheid, Marion Mahé, Laetitia Plisson and Karla Velasco
« The Vagina Monologues» with Aline Baugé, Yasmine Candau, Valérie Dégas, Claire Ferraci, Herrade Hemmerdinger and Bérengère Porombka
Debate  with Nathalie Malenica from “Les Féminissimes” association

Saturday May 4th: Opened to everyone

9am to 9.15am : Conference

Opening by « Doulas de France »’s team

9.15am to 10.45am : Workshops

A- « Belly art : rainbow women » with Claire Ferracci, Perrine Guillon Moktan, Magali Pavy, Solenn Minier and Margot Winterhalter
B- « Luna Yoga » with Noriko Hanyu
C- « Respect and breastfeeding » with Véronique Darmangeat
Breastfeeding, respecting and enforcing a mother’s choice, study of babies born with small birth weight
D- « Dads’ bar » with Arnaud Mattlinger from Generation Tao
E- « Maternal difficulties » with Aurore Benoit (Maternologie & Maman Blues)
F- « Red tent »

10.45am to 12.30pm : Workshops

A- « Introduction to Prenatal singing  : how to support pregnancy through sound » with Virginie Bouffart
B- « Rebozo workshop» with Valérie Degas and Valérie Dupin
C- «Informative workshop on baby wearing benefits»: basic knowledge transmitted by the doula to the parents, baby wearing  at the clinic with a low weight baby, after a C-section or for disabled parents  with Ingrid Fouladoux from the association “Douce Vie” (“Gentle life”)
D- « Support for women undergoing a C-Section» with Karine Garcia from the association Césarine
E- « Gender . Understanding the split male / female» with Béatrice Cascales et Laetitia Négrié
F- « Red tent »

12.30pm to 1.30pm : lunch time

1.30pm to 3.30pm : Conferences

And at the same time

1.30pm to 3pm: English speaking red tent english

Presentation of Dr Max Ploquin’s book by Isabelle Ploquin
Presentation of the « Société d’Histoire de la Naissance » (Society of the History of childbirth) with  Paul Cesbron
Advocacy : to give birth where I want, the way I want …For the extension of feminist fights for women’s right to dispose of their body with Laetitia NEGRIE

3pm to 3.15pm : break

3.15pm to 6pm: Conference

The brutalization of women’s body in modern birthing with Dr Marc Girard
Helen GUIHENEUF and her team mates of ” My body, my baby, my birthing- 1000 testimonies for a respected birth”
Human rights in childbirth with Chantal Gill’ard and Joyce Pula
Closing of the Doulas days, singing with Virginie Bouffart


Members of l’association Doulas de France (DDF): 70€ 2 days, 50€ 1 day, 90€ 2 days-‐couple
Non-members of DDF: 90€ 2 days, 70€ 1 day, 110€ 2 days-couple
People coming from abroad (except Belgium, Luxembourg et Switzerland, “normal” fees): 30€ 2 days, 15€ 1 day
Evening show : 5€ for people participating only 1 day, free for those coming 2 days.
SPECIAL OFFER FOR COUPLE : 90€ for 2 days if one is member of the association « Doulas de France »
If you wish to have the couple fee, please write your partner’s details in « Comments » section and the workshops he, or she would like to do.
No special fees for half days.

Practically speaking

Kids corner

Premises and lack of volunteers do not allow us to provide a children’s area. If you can not come without your kids, make sure that their presence does not disturb the workshops or conferences. These days are often long and difficult for them.  The little ones are welcome, and to not disturb the other participants, you are of course free to enter and leave the rooms according to their needs.


Packed lunches can be ordered through an organic food catering « Terroir et compagnie ». If you want to take these meals, remember to order when registering.  Cakes, teas, herbal teas will also be available during breaks.


If you wish to be housed by people living in Paris region or if you want to host participants to the doulas days, thank you for contacting us (please complete “comments” box).

Volunteers for helping in organizing the Doulas Days

If you want to get involved in the organization of those days: translation, reception, on-site installation, stands management, photocopies, accounting, … do not hesitate to contact us.